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June 18, 2004
North America Center Wins Shovel-Ready Certification Status

Within the Buffalo-Niagara Region, North America Center serves as an ideal central location for forward thinking manufacturers and distributors seeking to improve their operational efficiency.

As a high-quality business park, North America Center was engineered for efficient use of land resources. The expeditious municipal approval and permitting process is the fastest in the region and substantially reduces the critical time required to bring a project on-line.

The park's developers are able to provide a customized development package which can include one or all of the following:

  • Pre-Planning, including budgets, preliminary design and incentive procurement.
  • Coordination of municipal approval process and permitting.
  • Construction services ranging from Design-Build to Construction Management.
  • Turnkey sale or build-to-suit lease.
Occupants and businesses currently within the park include Atlas Cold Storage, Sonwil, Rich Products, McKesson Corp., Allied Systems, etc.

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