Public water is supplied by the Erie County Water Authority. A 12 line serves the park. Most recent testing yielded a psi of 105 and a flow of 8,258 gallons per minute. A high pressure water distribution line is located adjacent to the park offering virtually unlimited water capacity.

NAC is serviced by a 10 sanitary sewer line which lies within Erie County Sanitary Sewer District #1. Present sewer capacity is .75 million gallons per day. A plan exists which would upgrade the system, if necessary, for a high intensity user.

A centralized storm water management system was created at NAC to accommodate development within the park creating a greater percentage of land which can be developed for productive use.

Gas service is provided by National Fuel Gas via a 6 distribution line at 45 psi presently installed at the park. A 12 high pressure line (300 psi) is also located contiguous to the park and is available for a high intensity user.

Electric service is provided by New York State Electric and Gas at 32.4 KV. Services up to 120MW can be provided at a power factor of .95 or better, with redundancy, via a 230KV line that passes through the park.

A 100% digital fiber backbone is installed throughout the park with digital connections to a digital central switch enabling park tenants to utilize modern telecommunications technology.

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